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Just Agro is a Ukrainian application for selling and buying agricultural goods.

At Just Agro, you can profitably purchase oilseeds, grain crops, vegetables, berries, fruits, legumes, technical and much more!
The application was created by Ukrainian developers to help Ukrainian producers and buyers of agricultural products to successfully conduct business, which is especially relevant in today’s conditions.

How it works

Successful trading is just a few steps away


First download our application on your gadget.


Create your profile in the app using your phone number or email address.


Come up with your own unique password. To make it reliable, use our tips.


Don't forget to tick the appropriate boxes. By the way, we will not share your personal data with anyone, it will be safe. If you forget your password, don't worry, we will help you recover it by sending an email or phone number.


Done, you now have a profile! Edit it and add information about yourself to gain more trust from users. Add a photo and the information you want to share with other users.


Create your first ads and wait for offers.

Features for users

For sellers For buyers
Ability to quickly sell your products and goods.
Get acquainted with the offers of other sellers and offer your product at an acceptable and favorable price for you.
You can add a photo of the product to the ad.
Specify a location to receive relevant offers from buyers.
After you create an ad, it goes through moderation first, so you'll see it in the "Pending" tab. Eventually they will become Active. Buyers will see when the ads were published and understand that they are relevant.
Is the product already sold? Change the ad to "Inactive" status.
Would you like to sell a specific item again? An inactive ad can also be reactivated. If necessary, use the "Edit" button if you need to update the information.
The application allows you to analyze each ad: you can see how many people viewed it, wrote to you, called you.
Special offers for sellers: we provide an opportunity to raise your ads to the TOP - to the first positions in the search - using the "Advertise" function. Having purchased advertising services in the application itself, you will see how long the ad will be in the TOP.
An opportunity to buy high-quality agricultural products at the best prices.
Product search is as simple as possible. Use the search box at the top of the screen, enter the name of the product there.
Use filters for a more convenient search: sort ads depending on the price - from the cheapest to the most expensive, as well as by category. The application will show ads that meet the specified criteria.
Add the selected ads to "Favorites" so that you can find them easily the next time.


Users receive notifications from the application in the form of SMS messages if one of the users initiates a correspondence. In addition, the app sends emails about current news.
The ability to communicate with sellers and buyers in the app itself will make closing a deal much easier. In the chat, you can not only write, but also send files.
The developers have added the ability to pay for advertising services without leaving the application. Your data is completely protected.
Instant message delivery so you don't miss out on a great deal
No one but you has access to your profile. Correspondence is confidential.
The app shows if the user is online at the moment so you can contact them immediately and save time

Promote your business online with us, expand sales.

Attract buyers from all over Ukraine through your smartphone. Download Just Agro from the App Store and Google Play and start trading in minutes. All registered users will know about your announcement immediately.